Dear Parents, 
     Welcome back from Spring Break! I’m happy to continue on with what we have been doing. The pictures on the newsletter are from the newspaper project the class is working on. For this project, each student goes on a newspaper scavenger hunt to understand the layout of the newspaper. Then the students get to make their own newspaper. It’s a great way for everyone to write and learn about things they are interested in as well as exploring different types of publications.

     As April approaches, so will some exciting classroom activities. Towards the end of the month, the class will begin a unit called, “Ms. Miller’s Menu”. This unit will be centered on something the entire class enjoys, food! Students will learn basic economics in social studies with food, experiment with food in science, learn about healthy eating choices, and much more. To conclude the unit, the students will use their knowledge on food and participate in a Top Chef competition. That’s right, they will be cooking! I’m excited to have some fun, educational activities in the classroom this month!

Ms. Miller    

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