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Pioneer Article - Dogs and Lizards
                        - Look at the board for the password
                        - Only read the following sections:
                               -- Pioneer life in America, Why Pioneers Headed West, A Pioneer                                     
                                    Settlement (Log Cabin, Food, Clothing, Tools, Health, Education,                                         
                                    Social Activities)
                        - Complete Worksheet

Pioneer Article - Monkeys and Horses
                        - Look at the board for the password
                        - Complete Worksheet

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Mount Rushmore
          Click "Special Features"
          Click "Carving a Mountain"
          Click on the picture
A Dog's Life: Bone Travels On

Spelling City    
        Click "Click "Find a List"
         Search by teacher name "Sherry Harding"
         Locate the correct list, then choose what to do.

Obert Skye - About the Author
    - "Leven Thumps" book trailer

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